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Parking Lot

In the height of the global pandemic and rental car shortage, our fearless team set out to create an opportunity for those that got into Turo, but didn't have the time, energy, or desire to continue doing the work themselves. What happens when kids go back to school, military gets deployed, or work goes back to normal? What happens if the Hawaiian government places heavy restrictions on car sharing apps like Turo, as they did with Airbnb? Paradise Host Services will be the solution. 

Starting Out.JPG

Decisive Execution

After grass roots beginnings, we scaled our fleet very quickly, helping hosts and capturing over 1% of the Turo market share on Oahu. Pushing through growing pains, setbacks, and changes in our business plan, our team became resilient to the dynamic changes and heavy demands of the vacation industry. 

In just four months as a company, we ended the year completing over 2,000 trips, 640 deliveries, and managing over 63 vehicles. 

Chasing Big Dreams

We are not stopping here! Our sights are set on expanding into the other islands of Hawaii and various tourist markets around the world. 

Dubai City View
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